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A Romanian girl dreams of living the glamorous life she sees in Italian soap operas.

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Hope Lost movie full length review - Entertainment?

I cannot understand why or how anyone would give this movie a rating above one. It's a movie that I'd perhaps expect to be asked to watch if I were taking a degree in clinical psychology or had any interest in the workings of a psychopathic mind, which I do not.

Dark not noir-dark, just dark and depressing. I don't particularly seek out stories that help me maintain a rose-colored outlook on humanity, but neither do I seek out movies that portray only the darker side of a certain type of life that surely exists but thankfully one that I don't have to embrace in any way. There was not a single character in this movie that one could either sympathize or empathize with in any way whatsoever and that doesn't make for an interesting or engaging movie. Sewers and sewer rats exist, psychotic people exist, sick lives are lived, but why make a movie about any of that? I watched the movie based upon another review which was very positive and I see that the review has a lot of likes - all I can say is that's sad. Basically a very disturbing and sick story which, although well-acted, will very quickly be forgotten. It's like a garishly over-the-top remake of a low budget 1950's or 1960's Italian B 'horror' movie but takes itself seriously. Times and tastes change but not always for the better; we went from 'The Hills Are Alive . . .' (hum the rest - it's okay) to 'The Hills Have Eyes' - into this kind of social cesspool movie. I always try to find some redeeming quality in any movie I watch but in this case I can't say anything good about it.