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When the old-old-old-fashioned vampire Vlad arrives at the hotel for an impromptu family get-together, Hotel Transylvania is in for a collision of supernatural old-school and modern day cool.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 movie full length review - Hotel Transylvania 2: An Adult Cartoon with a PG Rating

First, I do not recommend this film for any children under 17.

I cannot imagine that somebody watched this whole picture and rated it as PG unless these types of things are so commonplace in today's children's programming that the raters have quit screening things out because they cannot handle being challenged by so many big-budget film studios. As the stills below show, this picture is extremely well executed, but almost deliberately sets out to give kids that might dare to watch it nightmares.

The film is full of jokes like enormous tears dropping like puddles on top of the mother in laws' head is reminiscent of Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes, with similar slapstick hits and shots that might have killed the victim in reality, but fail to cause damage in the cartoons.

Fig. 7. Monstrously giant tears dropping on Linda, the groom's mother.

Other jokes slide into gay porn. Here Dracula dresses as a nurse and does a seductive rear-end dance as he is fondling the newly born infant. Is it appropriate for children to watch a drag performance? Perhaps so, if we lived in a society that was gender-neutral, but this kind of comedy humiliates and pokes fun at people who might choose to wear drag because in it they feel more truly like themselves. And if we put the drag aside, why is this nurse wearing an extremely tight dress that is coming apart and shows a bit too far up Dracula's more distant leg.

Fig. 8. Dracula in drag as a nurse after the birth of his grandson.

Then, there are scenes that are suggestive of child pornography. A pack of young wolves eat the fur off a monster's legs. He has red underwear under this fur, as if it is his clothing. The underwear shows an outline of private parts. At least some of the wolves chew on and over the monster's groin to get the fur off. So, they're kind of giving him oral in a giant orgy. The monster isn't in pain from whatever they're doing, and only pretends to be embarrassed and attempts to cover the underwear afterwards. Considering that some young viewers might have been molested, this scene might make them feel as if molestation is normal and funny.

Fig. 9. Child werewolves devouring the pants off a monster's body.

Then, the kid's grand-grandpa is invited by accident to his fifth birthday party, and when he finds out that his grand-grand-son might not be a vampire, he calls in demons from hell to come and kill all of the guests and destroy the hotel his grandson has worked to build up. Once again, this is a pretty formulaic demon attack in Hollywood movies, but relatives sending demons to massacre everybody in sight is more like an R-rated, extremely violent horror film than a PG cartoon comedy for kids? Fig. 10. Demons being attacked by a pack of young werewolves.

That being said, and hopefully all kids having left us by now, this is a somewhat funny dark comedy for atheist, nymphomaniac adults. It is almost better than a horror gay porn because all of the characters are very crisp and have dramatic facial features and body language, more so than they would have if this wasn't an animation.

However, anybody that is hoping to watch an R-rated slapstick romp will be disappointed by the periodic "morality lessons" as characters debate the problems that go with interracial or inter monster-human marriages. The mother, Mavis, orated by Selena Gomez, travels to her husband's California home to determine if they should move there if their son turns out to be human as opposed to a vampire, like his grandpa Dracula hopes. There, the husband's mother, Linda says, "Oh, Transylvania, it was a fun experience. Mike was afraid he'll get disemboweled and eaten, but I told him, he was just being silly." To this Mike replies with the formulaic rebuttal for Hollywood comedies, "No, that was you Linda." Linda, formulaically looks innocent, and at this point the bell rings. Linda explains as she opens the door: "You know we have a couple of mixed families in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd invite them over. It might be nice for you guys to talk since you're thinking about moving here." The first couple that enters is a pretty girl and her odd-looking monster husband and the pretty one recommends the move saying, "I mean the kids get picked on a little, but it toughens them up." The normalization of racist violence against outsiders is so normal in American schools that Sandler thought it was a joke that could be the climax of this conversation. Mavis decides after this exchange that moving to California isn't for them. Thus, there is moral preaching, but the lesson is: don't come here? Back in Transylvania, Dracula attempts taking his grandson to a vampire camp, and refuses to take his grandson's outstretched hand as everybody else sings in a circle around a fire: "Even in the sunniest weather,/ Vampires will be friends forever?" Dracula then throws his grandson off a very tall tower and rescues him a second before he would have died from the collision, supposedly as a lesson in kid safety, but somehow chillingly disturbing and depressing to watch.

Title: Hotel Transylvania 2 Directed by: Genndy Tartakovsky Writer: Robert Smigel, Adam Sandler Stars: Adam Sandler (Dracula), Andy Samberg (Jonathan), Selena Gomez (Mavis) Genre: Animation; Comedy; Fantasy Rating: PG Running Time: 1 h 29 min Release: 2015