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Lucy Castillo, a young med student, has just given up a prized summer internship to bail out her troubled younger brother, Sal... again. He needs cash fast, and after being unable to find a job, Lucy reluctantly accepts the too-good-to-be-true position as a housekeeper offered to her through a friend of a friend. For only three weeks work, she will be paid enough to get Sal out of trouble. Things start to take a disturbing turn, however, as the job reveals itself to be anything but normal. Her never-seen employer seems to have a dark side, and Lucy's own haunted past begins to reappear, tormenting her. As the job spirals out of control and Sal's life hangs in the balance, Lucy's grip on reality disappears.

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Housekeeping movie full length review - Much more than a horror film

Housekeeping pushes the boundaries of cinema. While telling a relatively simple story involving a medical student who was to bail out her brother, the director uses a complex visual and auditory language to put the viewer into the main character's POV.

The style is reminiscent of the work of the great Tony Scott and Danny Boyle. Housekeeping is extremely impressive considering it's the director's first feature, clearly made with limited means. It's thrilling to see a young director so invested in experimenting with the aesthetics of cinema. We can only hope that Jennifer Harrington goes on to make bigger movies and we can look back on Housekeeping as her version of Christopher Nolan's Following or Gus Van Sant's Mala Noche, which are both no-budget first features.

At the same time, Housekeeping is fascinating examination of themes of class and race in Los Angeles. But, it's never heavy-handed and in fact, is quite scary at times! I cannot recommend this movie enough! It's a must-see.