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Gwen, a musician with a growing paranoia disorder, returns to her hometown after a traumatic event. Diverting their emotional issues with a strange and unholy discovery, she and her friends begin to deteriorate the fabric of the universe.

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How the Sky Will Melt movie full length review - Bizarre Horror in a timeless retro-future

With a blazing carpenter influenced score How the Sky Will Melt bounces between abstract comedy, introverted drama and psychedelic horror.

This grainy 8mm film plays like an artifact of unknown origin that you're just never sure what to make of but you know you won't forget anytime soon. Per Wade's Q&A after the film, Sky is to remind you of that moment when you wake up at 3am to some random movie on the TV. You don't know the movie, you don't know its story, you are drowsy and the movie is using its own abstract dream-logic. Well, mission accomplished. Sky's narrative is far from straight forward and at times it feels a bit lost in itself. However, it was a real treat, especially projected on a large screen and blasting its terrific score. Some of the acting is amateurish but honestly this doesn't matter. The dialogue is sparse with intent and even the slightly off delivery works in favor of the strange artifact atmosphere.

The plot follows Gwen, a musician. Her band, let's say, is on hiatus after a bizarre event. She returns to her family home in a small town and becomes lost in the idleness of such. All sorts of weird sh*t happens, usually involving vibrant colors and "Magic Winks", a cassette playing pair of goggles that apparently matches visuals to audio for some augmented experience. All of this is presented in a colorful 80s yet timeless retro-future setting that matches the killer score. Yeah, It's a weird film . .FEED ME YOUR COLORS?FEED ME YOUR COLORS>> FEE D M E Y OU R COL OR S

peep that teaser tho: