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A black comedy based on the true story of Alfred Benning's outlandish attempts to murder his overbearing wife in 1977.

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How to Murder Your Wife movie full length review - Black comedy, the unbelievable yet true story of the murder of Elizabeth Bennet, set in 1970s Wellington, New Zealand.

Thoroughly enjoyable laugh-out-loud black comedy of the murder of Elizabeth Bennett in 1970s, Wellington, New Zealand.

Yes, murder isn't a funny business, especially a true story but this film somehow just makes it work. A roller-coaster ride of long-suffering Alf planning the murder of his wife Elizabeth Bennett and subsequent investigation introduces rich characters include the famous transvestite Carmen who ran for office in the 1970s and detectives who ended up in very high-ranking government positions.

Clever, strong cinematography and editing, you can see the hands that made Underbelly coming through.

An added bonus is a peak into the national psych of New Zealand in the 1970s including the time of the All Blacks Tour of South Africa, paisley ties and church fêtes.