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When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.

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Howl movie full length review - Highly enjoyable and entertaining if flawed werewolf entry

Taking the last train home for the night, a group of passengers stuck on an express ride through the countryside find their stranded vehicle the least of their worries when a series of savage animal attacks has them believing a werewolf is following the group home.

For the most part this here was quite the impressive and highly exciting werewolf effort. One of the best parts of this is the fact that there's a whole lot of time taken to get a brilliant set-up going here for the creature's appearance, as the beginning bits with the train and the accident that strands them there which is quite a nice disaster sequence with the requisite aftermath checking on the passengers being quite fun as the debates about what to do are both cleverly handled and completely believable. As the panic over the situation builds and the growing realization sets in with the missing driver and the later encounter out in the woods where the animal howling and the chase back onto the train makes for a rather nice opening to the proceedings here. That leads in nicely with the other main attacks featured throughout here as there's plenty of great fun to be had when the creatures start attacking the train cars en masse which are quite a lot of fun and gives this plenty to like from the sneak attack in the main car to the battle in the bathroom stall that has a lot more chilling activity at work with the main lights going off and on and making this one have quite a nice energy throughout the middle segment of the film. Working in the barricade nicely here also makes for a nice time, especially once the creature breaks in and they group battles back which is a quite impressive series of attacks trying to hold him down. The last half of the film, where the swarm of creatures attack the train and bring about the huge action pieces of them breaking into the cars and slaughtering everyone left, forcing them into big chases to get away which is all quite fun. Coupled with some decent gore and the imposing half-man/half-wolf look there's a lot to like here. While these are what make the film work, there's still some flaws here, which mostly centers around the lack of screen time here for the creatures as they are really only in a select few moments of the film it's sometimes hard to forget it's a werewolf movie. There's times where it descends more into a drama about them being stuck in the woods as the creatures are off-screen for so long that they feel shoehorned in from another film and come off rather weak in their perceptions with this part of the film really holding the film from delivering them. That could also be due to the other factor here with the lame CGI utilized here, as there's a lot of it here that looks really bad, from the creatures who are again impressive- looking but are done in full-on CGI which just looks utterly dreadful and unrealistic, while the CGI for the shots of the train in the wilderness are just as bad and really obvious. These here are what hold this back.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.