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Shane Riley and Heather Thomas become fast friends when they meet in a shared hospital room after giving birth. Two years later, one of them will be found brutally murdered. The two young mothers become inseparable as Shane strives to make her mark on the world and Heather grapples with severe bipolar disorder. Though they support each other at first, their friendship is headed for troubled waters. When an investment goes south, Shane takes matters into her own hands to secure some fast cash. Meanwhile, as Heather fights a bitter battle for custody of her daughter, she can’t help but submit to a dangerous attraction to Shane’s gorgeous boyfriend. Both women will have to make a terrible choice: save your family, or sacrifice your best friend. Inspired by true events, this wild, gritty and emotional ride becomes a race against the clock as the audience is kept guessing which friend will be gruesomely killed, and which friend will become a killer herself.

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I Killed My BFF movie full length review - ***

It would have been nice to better explain bff to the public. This movie easily could and should have been retitled to "Parallel Lives."

Two girls become friends when they give birth at the same time at a local hospital. One seems to be with it and the other, Heather, is bipolar. She breaks up with her boyfriend who seems to find himself with another lady.

Both young ladies are unmarried, but hatred shall develop when Heather, the complex character, develops an attraction for the other's boyfriend.

We see the results when bipolar disorder is not treated. We also see embezzlement, jealousy, taking control phenomenon, robbery, jail, being set up and a whole host of other issues.