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Identicals is a highly unconventional romantic thriller: an obsessive love story stripped down and re-arranged into the looping logic of a nightmare.

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Identicals movie full length review - Only a single word is sometimes enough "Awful"

I never just stop watching a movie even when it is bad because there is always something that i find interesting.

And that is why i give higher ratings to most of the movies than probably it should, if i find the movie to be entertaining of course. But in this case i just couldn't take it anymore, i didn't stop i just fast forwarded to next scene and the next and so on. The plot is simple and very good and most importantly a piece with which you can make a potentially great movie. But all of it was just wasted because the director wanted to make it darker, artsy, i mean basically as boring as you can make. He maybe just told the lead actor to do whatever he wants to make him look special, odd, villainy, ridiculous, expressionless, overact i mean he just threw a bone and told him to go catch it.

The music seemed like borrowed from "Hannibal- the series" and every scene had a camera thingy which was just plain disgusting. The movie was way too long and just too slow with everything that i fell asleep over my computer and finished it afterward. I probably didn't see such boring movie with such potential in my whole life and the best part is the potential part makes it even worse. Some movies i know is never going to be good and when it becomes just OK or a bit entertaining i feel satisfied, in this case the whole movie is a s**t-show. I just don't know what was the expectation of the director in whole of this.

The script was awful, the actors did what they could i think.There is nothing in the movie that makes you want to watch it, it tells you to stop watching, i mean literally, to stop watching after every few seconds with disturbing camera work, repetition, i don't know with whatever they could and you just hope that Nadia/Nora Jane would appear because then you would at least have someone beautiful to look at. Its just bad and that bad, i may be am overreacting because i had expectations but still i am a reasonable person and this is just unacceptably bad.

If you are a fan i mean the greatest fan of the sci-fi category even then you wouldn't like it i think. But strangest things have happened in the universe.