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Identicals is a highly unconventional romantic thriller: an obsessive love story stripped down and re-arranged into the looping logic of a nightmare.

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Identicals movie full length review - Awful Movie, Poorly written and badly acted Spoiler ALERT!!!

So some of the big questions are never answered, like why did they come to take his girlfriend in the first place. Then, after the replacement girlfriend died, why didn't they abort the mission and leave the real girlfriend there.

And why these abductors choose such a bad time to abduct, couldn't they have pulled her off the street into a van, no, they show up at the house, hoping that the girlfriend answers the door, but no, lets point a gun at the boyfriend and demand to know where the girlfriend is, when she is just in the bedroom asleep, simply stupid. The abductors dumb planning led to the replacement girlfriend getting killed, so they framed the boyfriend as a murderer instead of disposing of the body. And why are they switching out people anyway, would someone really pay for that, yeah, give me some other persons face and I'll take over their lives, not knowing any details of the relationship they'll be in. So you can't have two identical's occupying the same living area but the whole last part of the film had the main character conflicting with himself. And they let him smuggle a picture into his new life, but then put him in close proximity to his girlfriend so he can hook back up with her. At that point why didn't he tell her the whole plot and run to the police, see I didn't murder my girlfriend, shes right here. No, I need to have a final showdown with my identical and kill him. This movie made me angry and frustrated because it was so poorly written. I found the positive reviews of this movie laughable, are they paid plugs? I can usually make sense out of a movie when others don't and this one, it was just a bad script and the movie has plot holes that could sink the titanic.