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Holly finds her world turned upside-down when she suddenly finds herself incapable of lying. (Don’t you hate when that happens?) It’s because of a wish her niece made to Santa Claus. And now, with Christmas coming up fast, she has to come to terms with her natural penchant to want to fib while trying to do the right thing. And that’s no lie.

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I'm Not Ready for Christmas movie full length review - A well crafted, cosy rip-off

Around Christmas I go through bucket loads of these things. I find them harmless festive fun, easy on the eye and brain, totally disposable.

So I never bother reviewing them.

This one did jump out though. I am mainly writing this review so I can remember what the film is in a years time.

It is basically a TV rip off of "Liar Liar" but without Jim Carrey and about ten million dollars chipped from the budget.

The film follows the same worn path where a busy, self absorbed exec type needs to grasp the spirit of Christmas and reconnect to the loving family she has been neglecting. This is done through the medium of a Christmas wish that prevents her from lying. So no medals for originality here.

I actually think Alicia Witt did a better job than Carrey, she brings warmth and charisma to the role without over-cooking it. The forced truth-telling is handled subtly and professionally - it avoids the crass and obnoxious outbursts that similar films feel necessary.

I liked this, I put down my wrapping and actually watched it. Now I am not suggesting you go out and buy the Blu Ray extended edition or anything - this is still a Xmas made for TV movie. If Christmas TV movies aren't your thing this won't change alter you perspective but if you have a choice between a few titles I would go for this one.