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A classic-style anthology of three horror shorts and a wraparound story. Two killers find a bag of VHS tapes in their motel room and watch them to pass time. But then the horror gets too real...

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In the Dark movie full length review - Screaming does not a horror movie make

Where do I start? I couldn't make it past the 2nd story - "The Dummy". I turned it off as I refused to lose any more of my time on this sorry excuse for a movie.

I rated this a 2/10 as it might scare a second grader. Might. Where was the director? It seemed everyone was on their own to try and act out their parts. I use the word act very loosely as they all seem to have just graduated a 2 week crash course in acting - if that's what they call it. Speaking with affect without screaming should've been covered in the course as it wasn't ever present here. Perhaps the actors thought someone could edit and put the sorry pathetic pieces together for a story? The only thing scary in the movie up until I turned it off was the dummy mask. Other then that having to listen to a woman in a tidy whitey Jockey bra and underwear run harry carry screaming and trying to bulge her eyes to look scary was trying enough for me. Save yourself. Don't try and watch this mess. There are better movies out there. Creepshow from the 80's is a better anthology then this.