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This sensitive and sensual film draws together several narratives spanning several decades, all of them transpiring in the same room of the same Singaporean hotel — and all of them involving sex.

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In the Room movie full length review - Not a conventional way to talk about sex or love

It's a good movie because the ambition of the director is reached appropriately. Some directors want to talk about something big and finally their visuals, audio, story couldn't fulfill.

But this one just talks about (strange) sex and love openly. This movie touches upon gay love, war teared couple apart, love at first sight, woman's sex desire, love failed against money, a woman who has lot of casual sex because she's never had an orgasm, future sex robot, love with a ghost, corpse in a bag and many other things. And the signs, key phrases follow through adequately throughout the movie. And ultimately, it ends with a beautiful love story. Yes, the room, or maybe the world has become a ruin. But with love, it could be beautiful. Normally, I dislike movies with "roomy" sounds. It gives movies an unprofessional feeling. But this movie uses it intentionally, reasonably.

One may argue this movie feels very "low-budgeted", "no-stars" and the topics involved are too obscene. But in my opinion, it's brave to put everything that straight to the viewers' eyes. And it's a breakthrough story-wise for an Asian movie considering it fit the whole bunch of pan-Asian casts into the plot which still feels reasonable.

The more I think about it, the more I like this movie.