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Aliens invade, this time delivering a clear ultimatum. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the U.S. President and citizens decide if these aliens are to be trusted ...or feared.

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Independents' Day movie full length review - Not exactly good but enjoyable, I've seen far worse efforts churned out by The Asylum.

I didn't find this as terrible as described in most of the reviews, yeah I see where they're coming from, but I liked some of this movie, the tone and acting was typically mai

nly flat and the pacing was horrible but I found the buildup kind of intriguing with the aliens being forceful yet claiming to be benevolent until it's eventually revealed that they are basically stealing people's blood as energy or something and jettisoning the remains into space like yesterday's trash! I found it all a little reminiscent of the classic TV sci-fi series V. I thought the alien leader was pretty cool, I found the design of the faceless thing impressive, although all of the interior scenes of the alien ships looked really s****ty and cheap. The president mum lady made me laugh because she was so bad and taking it all so seriously, although she still kept looking like she was dying to smile or laugh, and she was no president, at best she had the gravitas of a school principal! And her son I found pretty funny too, he kept tearlessly crying, badly, at every little thing! So yeah what can you really say about a thin silly movie like this that overstays it's welcome long before it finishes? Not exactly a worthwhile flick that I recommend to anyone in particular...but I don't know, kind of mildly enjoyable and fun at points to me, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it that tiny bit more than I did Independence Day Resurgence, that much I can say..c'est la vie!