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A search and rescue team are transported through deep space to a distant mining colony to save the sole survivor of a biological outbreak. During their mission, they find a lethal weapon which is set to arrive on Earth within the hour.

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Infini movie full length review - Infini - The Best Sci-fi Horror Since Event Horizon (very minor spoilers)

We all know Science Fiction is just as cool as Horror but suffers from the long founded belief that the science part needs to make sense, be smart, and not take too many liberties with science in general.

I disagree. A good movie is a good movie regardless of what genre it's tackling, and what makes a movie good you ask? Well of course I'm going to tell you.

Good Writing. Good Acting. Interesting (not necessarily original) concept. World-building. Invoking a Sense of Wonder. Good Directing.

Infini came as a complete surprise because it hits the mark in everyone of the categories. Whats even more surprising is the movie was written and directed by a relatively new filmmaker named Shane Abbess out of Australia. If this is the caliber of movie he's going to provide every time then he's won over a fan for life.

Infini takes place in the 23rd century, or thereabouts, and follows a search and rescue team who are sent to investigate a disturbance (that's putting it mildly) at a mining colony on the further edge of the galaxy. The disturbance being a biological outbreak of some kind. Body horror in space never gets old.

The movie begins like gangbusters, setting tension right from the get-go and not letting up on the gas for quite sometime. If you enjoy movies that throw you right into the world and let you try and figure out what's going on you'll enjoy this one. It's not until the midway point that the movie slows down and begins it's close examination of what exactly is going on and why.

The writing in this film is super tight, crafted with the right amount of detail and a cadence that makes everyone of the characters feel natural. Abbess writes much like Aaron Sorkin, with a rhythm and feel for words. Of course great writing means little if the acting isn't up to snuff, but in this case it's excellent. The troupe of actors, each with their own style and personalities, handle the material deftly and never once did it feel like any of them were trying to fit into the scenes. Daniel MacPherson does the heavy lifting as the main protagonist and is excellent throughout. Coupled with an exceptionally awesome and creepy performance by Luke Ford the cast nails it across the board.

On to the concept! It's very cool. Humans can travel across the galaxy via what's called Slipstreaming ? being digitized and sent via data packets. It's dangerous therefore highly controversial, but useful due to the timelines involved. Relativity can be your friend. Ever see Interstellar.

Hardcore fans will probably rip the science part?well..apart?but as a layman I found it worked. Science Fiction can get bogged down in tropes, and doubly so in trying to explain all the little super-science nuance and rules for how futuristic technology work. Infini does it right by not trying to justify itself. The movie establishes the rules and moves on. A few times, when necessary to the story, a rule is explained in detail or another aspect of travel is revealed but it's always to advance the story, never to try and cheat the story.

Abbess also adds a nice touch by way of the environment. The mining colony isn't just there for looks. The environment is extremely hostile and Abbess never takes it for granted ensuring it plays a huge role throughout the story.

One area I can see the film catching some flak ? the midway point onward. The speed of the movie slows down and the tone moves more from an action vibe to a more metaphysical thriller. That's not to say the movie gets any less bloody, gory or violent. Hell no, it keep right on with the dark tone.

The ending I found fascinating. It's probably going to be a divisive topic for the viewers but it works if you take the entirety of the film into account. It also has a beautifully done finale that slow boils the tension to critical levels without a lot of over the top set pieces or action sequences.

Infini is a fantastic addition to the sci-fi horror genre and Shane Abbess is going to be a writer/director to keep an eye on.