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A twisted new tale of terror begins for a teenage girl and her family, predating the haunting of the Lambert family in the earlier movies and revealing more mysteries of the otherworldly realm The Further.

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Insidious: Chapter 3 movie full length review - Insidious 3 is plagued by modern horror Blumhouse cancer.

I liked the first Insidious a lot. I think the second one was needless but alright, although it started to embrace talentless, annoying tropes which was a bummer. This one went even further (pun intended) and crippled itself with those modern horror tropes, the ones that are ruining these movies.

Silence...LOUD NOISE! Camera pans in a very predictable way...SOMETHING JUMPS AT YOUR FACE ACCOMPANIED WITH A LOUD NOISE! This is Insidious 3. Under all that cancerous crap there is a somewhat interesting movie, but that movie isn't allowed to breathe. And when the last shot of the movie is what I had come to expect from a Blumhouse production, I shook my head. I made a vow: I will never pay for a Blumhouse horror movie again. I will never go see one in a theater, I will never buy the blu-ray (as I did for this one), and even watching one on Netflix will require plenty of reasons to do so.

But there is something good underneath the stinking pile of annoying tropes and desperate efforts to pander to the lowest common denominator. Lin Shaye is a pleasure to watch, as were the two side characters Grace and Harry, played by Phyllis Applegate and Jeris Poindexter. Mulroney and Scott were just alright. Props to the guys playing the "monsters" as well, I like it when it's not just full-blown CGI. Ashton Moio was a natural, likable presence.

Whannell and Sampson as the ghost hunters brought some levity to the movie, but I think Whannell, who also wrote and directed this movie, should've focused more on the actual story and its delivery. Perhaps the studio and production companies forced his hand, I can't know, but if I see his name somewhere again, I will get cautious. I hope he redeems himself. Hey Whannell, go make an art-house horror film with a very small budget, and I might give it a chance.

There was a good theme to the story. It was about dealing with death and loss. It wasn't handled in a great manner, but at least adequately.

Some of the visuals were good, and the otherworldly environments looked nice and interesting. Lighting was usually handled very well, and this movie shows that it had what it takes to rely on atmosphere alone. Sadly, the taint that is ruining all Hollywood horror movies drags even the nice visuals down sometimes, because just when you start to enjoy the movie again - along with its visuals - something lazy, stupid and annoying crap happens. Every time.

I usually cut horror movies a lot of slack, because after all it's probably my favorite genre, but now I think I've finally arrived to the point where I can't take these movies anymore. I don't want to drown in the feces that is modern Hollywood horror. I'm confident that I'll become a hipster and try to find some very obscure horror movies to watch very soon.

I can handle annoying jump-scares at times, BUT YOU HAVE TO EARN THEM. This movie does it the other way around: it throws stupidity and loud noises at you for the first hour, and THEN it goes for the meat of the story. And just when I think that "wow, this ending is actually not horrible", it becomes horrible.

Please, people, don't pay for crap (like I did). Demand quality. This movie isn't all crap, and it's certainly a lot better than abominations like "Ouija", but that makes the crime so much worse; they took a pretty good movie and crapped all over it. There were talented people involved in this. They deserve better.

Blumhouse, I will avoid you like plague. I hope other people do the same until you lose your determination to defecate on the movies you produce.

Not recommended. It's enough when you see the first Insidious. Watch that, and leave the sequels alone. It only gets worse from there.