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Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart.

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Insurgent movie full length review - This movie did surge forward, but the test results with critics, have been mixed.

I have always thought of the Divergent series as a mediocre step-sister of books trying really hard to live up or outshine its counterpart, the more popular YA series of novel/films, the Hunger Games by author Suzanne Collin.

Some people might say, the Divergent series is a total rip-off of Hunger Games, but in my opinion, author Veronica Roth indeed made her own. Her series of books, brings in more of a Sci-fiction psychology like feel that was needed for the young rebellion genre. While, it's not as good, as Hunger Games, the books is still interesting in its own right. Based on the second book of the Divergent series, the movie, Insurgent directed by Robert Schwentke, continues to tell the story of Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley), a Divergent, a person with more than one personality trait, trying to escape a futuristic dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into five personality trait factions: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent). Since Divergents can think independently and the government therefore cannot control them, they're considered threats to the existing social order. Without spoiling too much of the film, I believe the premise is a little far-fetched. It is a bit improbable and illogical to believe that society survives with people with one personality trait. In my opinion, I find that most of the characters seem be just as divergent as Beatrice. Like the first movie, the plot in the sequel, could be a bit confusing. The whole exposition somewhat got lost between the transfer from book to screen, as it wasn't that clear to the audience. From, what I can gather up. They add a lot of new things like the mystery box and all the computer simulation sequences. If you, thought the first movie was crazy with its action, this movie takes it, a lot further. The movie goes overboard with its action. A good example is the train sequence with the factionless members. The heroes kill two of their Factionless comrades, because Four (Theo James) didn't state his name, in the beginning. Come on! That scene was deeply overblown. While, a lot of people might like the increase of special effects for this film. I kinda didn't like it, so much. It was a bit jarring. The whole action scenes in the virtual reality, really turn me off, because nothing in those sequence, made me, believe that anything on screen was really happening, so I care little. They look so fake-looking. I didn't like the confusing flying house sequence and people flying all over the place, like superheroes, it so remind me of 2000's Cell mixed the later Matrix's 2003 movies. It was so cartoony in its approach. I was really hoping for a more ground approach to the dream-state like 2010's Inception did with its action. The 3D was alright for the most part, but you can skip it, for 2D. Another thing, the movie change, from the book is some characters. They eliminated or cut down on some of the supporting characters such as Cara, Zeke, Shauna, Fernando, Robert, Susan, & Edward. In my opinion, it kinda works, because they're way too many characters in the book. Still, I hate the fact, that they also change, the main characters, a bit, such as an example, Beatrice not being scare to fight a gun isn't there, anymore. Her being afraid of guns, was kinda a big deal in the novel. Most of the changes kinda works, but fans of the book might be offended, on how loosely based, the movie is, compare the novel. The twist, toward the end, will leave more questions, than answers. You really have to suspense your disbelief, to get, through this film. Some of the good things about the film, are the acting. Once again, Shailene Woodley was pretty good as the lead. The highlight of her performance has to be, the truth serum sequence. Still, they were moments, in the film, that I found her character to be a bit annoying & dumb. Another is her short hair. I kinda wish, she didn't cut her hair, but that's just nitpicking. Theo James seem good as the love-interest, but like the first movie, he's pretty bland and one-dimensional. He doesn't stand out. Like, I say before, Theo James really could kinda could be mistaken for James Franco. The supporting cast is alright with their roles. I really didn't buy, Naomi Watt's character, Evelyn, being the mother of Theo James. Naomi Watt, still looks pretty damn young, despite her age. I'm also find it funny that both Miles Teller & Ansel Elgort, are in this movie, since they played previous lovers to Shailene Woodley's character roles, in other movies in recent film history. I think it's should be note, that I found this to be distracting, as hell. I also didn't like, how everybody looks like a model or really young. It kinda hurts the realistic tone that the film is possible to represent. Unlike the other movie, the movie was missing a good music choice. Everything sound so genetic. Overall: While, the movie has good themes, include rebellion, romance, bravery, courage, friendship, betrayal, the search for individual identity and heroism. I found the movie to be very mediocre. If you really want to see, a good YA movie with Shailene Woodley. Watch 2014's Fault in Our Stars. You can thank me for my candor, later. If you do, choose to watch this movie. Just note, the faults, and go into it, with an open minded approach. Like Amity would say-Go with Happiness.