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Teenager Cleo's school science project goes quite awry, causing her popular older sister Molly to go invisible.

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Invisible Sister movie full length review - Reminiscent of The Absent Minded Professor

The latest use that the Disney Studios has made of its teen stars is with Rowan Blanchard as the shy and retiring younger sister of Paris Bereic who's as popular as Blanchard is shy. In fact Blanchard's only real friend is fellow science geek Karan Brar.

Blanchard's smart though and she accidentally gets the secret of invisibility and unfortunately turns her sister invisible. That's not good because among other things Bereic has to compete in a high school Lacrosse tournament for a scholarship.

Both sisters get a handle on that one with scenes reminiscent of Disney's The Absent Minded Professor when Fred MacMurray's discovery of Flubber turns his hapless college basketball team into winners.

It was interesting to hear Karan Brar perform without accent. Though he's of Indian ancestry he was raised in the USA and in both Jessie and Bunk'd Brar takes on the Indian speech pattern.

Invisible Sister is an enjoyable teen comedy from The Magic Kingdom and at least while Blanchard and Brar operate under a deadline at least she wasn't faced with going insane like poor Claude Rains was.