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Spurred by a gun incident at a school, the women of one Texas town lead a movement to get rid of guns by withholding sex from their husbands.

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Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? movie full length review - A nice comedy

I really enjoy watching comedy, and even more when the main theme is about something we live everyday.

I expected to watch this movie because when I saw the trailer I thought it was a great idea to combine humor with a nice reflection about carrying guns in America. This film offers something new, to laugh and also reflect about some American obsessions. I recommend it because you will have a great time by thinking how far we can get when the desire get in first row rather than doing what everyone else's does. I had a blast watching this film. It's funny and makes us remember the Lennon's line Make LOVE NOT WAR. With a great cast. A comedy that gives a second thought of some of our behaviors.