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Strangers trapped on a secluded island struggle to survive against hordes of the dead.

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Isle of the Dead movie full length review - Lot's of great makeup!

Isle of the Dead has great promise. Of course, the basic plot line is as old as the hills. However, the acting is above par for this kind of film and the camera work and continuity is good.

What really raises the film above the thousand (or so it seems) zombie flicks released in the last five years is the amazing zombie makeup and the very realistic special effects. The blood and brains fly on a constant basis and the zombies seem to attack in nearly ever scene. So...some spoilers... Government science lab in the south Pacific where secret experiments go very awry....zombies are the result. Lots of zombies. Crack military team is sent in 10 years later to check for survivors and check out the scene. The huge military labs are investigated and lots of bullets fly. There are also lots of dead and rotted bodies decorating the hallways and offices of said labs. Amazing! The female doctor with the military jocks suddenly finds her father is alive and is the lead scientist that you assume released the secret serum by accident or not? Well, I enjoyed this film up to near the end when it sank into a morass of bullets and black belt fighting with the seemingly endless supply of zombies. As I said the makeup and special effects, camera work, continuity and reasonable acting elevates this to a watchable film. However, by the last 20 minutes I felt like a zombie with the overdone and endless fighting. Oh, I forgot to tell you...the military jocks have just 10 hours to do what their supposed to do.....or BOOM! Just a small nuclear device will visit this lovely tropical island and say goodbye to all zombies and any of our hero group!!! One other little twist....the woman doctor who finds her father is responsible for this hideous this zombie horror have a lovely little coming home to daddy moment. This scene comes at the very end of the film... but not in the way one would think! I give this a 6 out of 10. If you like zombies give this a look.