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An attraction forms when a Chinese American girl visiting Hong Kong for the first time meets an American expat who shows her the way, but timing may not quite be on their side.

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It's Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong movie full length review - A truly awful film - bar the location

Possibly the worst movie ever made. I watched it on a fight and abandoned it frequently and yet returned. For two reasons.

Firstly I thought that to comment upon, and warn people about, this excruciating film was a public service. Second to tip people off that the film contains some fine location shots of Hong Kong. Indeed this footage would be well worth putting together as a brief travel documentary. Ten minutes worth maximum. But the rest of the movie? OMG as they say.

It is a two-hander. Until briefly at the end there are no characters with speaking parts bar the two about whom the "story" (such as it is ) is built. He a thirty-something American who has lived in Hong Kong for ten years and works in Finance. She a visiting (first visit) Chinese-American whose parents left the Territory before she was born and who is, unsurprisingly, almost 100% American, though her appearance is Asian.

The interplay between the two is banal, boring, devoid of passion and has dialogue which sounds as if it was created by a badly-programmed computer. This bad dialogue is not helped by acting so wooden that far from coming to life the characters seem destined for an early and merciful death. If only ! We know from the start that the story is about the two falling for one another. RomCom territory. But not only does the acting and the script barely convey this but it seems that the direction couldn't get anything out of the actors and that the editor couldn't, or didn't, try.

We simply don't care about these stilted, reserved, confused two people. If they fell off the Star Ferry we'd wave them goodbye without a conscience. I wanted to shout "Kiss the silly cow" or at least "Hold her bloody hand". But no. He is subsumed in embarrassment and she seems to be acting out a 1950s movie in which "Nice Girls Didn't". More Sandra Dee than Bruce Lee.

The end is ambivalent which suggests that the perpetrators of this farrago might think that there is a follow-up film to be made. There isn't! The combination of woeful story line, dreadful script, atrocious acting and empty direction means that the movie should be ignored, even for those who love Hong Kong. Except that the location shots, for Hong Kong lovers, are excellent. A superficial, low budget pointless film and a risible attempt to use modern-day Hong Kong to light up even the most trite and trivial of stories. It doesn't !