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The life story of musician Michael 'Duff' McKagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded).

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It's So Easy and Other Lies movie full length review - Nice surprise.

Didn't expect much. In fact, I didn't even know who was Duff when I picked the title on Netflix. Was just looking for documentary, musical or something to go through the night. OK, I knew Guns'n'Roses, of course but beside Axl and Slash, wasn't paying much attention to the band members - sue me.

I found that documentary poetic, inspiring and not sure why but reminded me of David Bowie on some part. Of course I saw pictures of Duff over years and always found him the cutest one in the band without knowing his name though. Didn't know much about him and now that I know and saw... Respect.

Maybe it's not as trashy as some would have love to when it comes to rock star lifestyle. It's more human, hit closer and give a taste of reality instead of the well known crap we are fed about rock star all the time. It did the job to me. Entertaining, beautifully presented in a nice artistic way. Almost the end of the movie Rock Star with Mark Whalberg but in a real context.

Did like it a lot. Hope the rating will go higher on that title. They did a good job bringing us in the intimacy of Duff with the music, the pictures, the voice, the songs. Again, i found it poetic and beautiful.