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Varun Blake is an Atlanta police officer that consumes himself with hunting and bringing to justice a shadowy killer. After being adopted from India by American parents, Varun dedicates himself to the city that doesn't accept him. After a few unexplained murders happen at the newly outsourced company, InfoTech, his ex-wife is in danger of being the next victim.

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Ivide movie full length review - "A Passable Emotional Drama Letdown By Loose Screenplay"

Typical Shyamaprasad narrative meets rich production values - that's 'Ivide' in a nutshell.

The biggest culprit here is the promotional strategy that labeled the movie to be a stylish crime thriller when literally the movie was yet another trademark Shyamprasad drama that's centered around few characters,their emotions and conflicts in mind.Audience who expect a taut thriller are sure to be letdown by the proceedings as the narration lacks the much needed energy that one would associate with a movie of the genre.

Mostly narrated in English with little use of Malayalam,the movie can boast of richness in frames and expertise in handling Hollywood style narration that's never seen before in Mollywood,but lack of a strong plot and an intriguing screenplay is evident,limiting the movie from being called a thrilling cop-drama.Other than stylish frames,realistic approach to narration,well-utilized sync sound technology,some touching moments in between and a brilliant performance from Prithviraj Sukumaran,Ivide is a slow-paced drama that fails to evoke necessary thrills for keeping the audience engaged through its running time.

There isn't much depth in the Screenplay by Ajayan Venugopalan which is weak and engaging only in bits and parts.Lag is felt throughout the narration and even though the duration is around 140 minutes,the movie feels over-stretched around a delicate plot that suffers largely due to mediocre scripting which fails to keep up the momentum going till the end of the narration in contradiction to many Shymaprasad movies in the past like Artist and Ore Kadal,to name a few.

Coming to the performances,Prithviraj was at his best portraying the role of Varun Blake impressively with perfect dialog delivery and mannerisms of one brought up at States.His immense screen presence and impressive dialogs are major highlights of the movie that makes the whole affair passable.Varun Blake is a worthy addition to his list of notable performances in the recent past and yet another feather in the cap of the talented actor.Nivin Pauly too did a really good job as Krish alongside Bhavana who managed to pull out a matured performance.The rest of the supporting cast that includes a good number of Hollywood actors made their presence felt through decent performances.

Frames by Eric Dickinson were brilliant and arguably the best part of the movie after Prithviraj.The rest of the technical department too did a neat job giving the movie a stylish look in a whole.Music and BGM by Gopi Sunder was in sync with the storyline and the song placement too went well without affecting the flow of narration..

Overall,Ivide is a disappointment considering it as a crime thriller,but a passable flick for the admirers of the director and those who love emotional dramas.

Verdict::Stylishly made with strong technical support and a stellar performance by Prithviraj Sukumaran,Ivide,alike Shyamaprasad movies in the past explores human emotions centered around the lead characters in detail.The intensity in conveying emotions being slightly on the lower side in comparison with many of his films in the past and elements of thrill being far and few in between,my suggestion is to keep the expectations low and chances are that you can find this emotional drama a decent one.Try this at your own risk! Ma Rating::6/10 _Afsal