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Jason Bourne, now remembering who he truly is, tries to uncover hidden truths about his past.

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Jason Bourne movie full length review - "Jason Bourne" Obtains A Triumphal Entry

Call it what you want: reawaken, reinvention, reboot, revival or resurrection; Jason Bourne is back with iron fists, pectorals of steel and narrative and visual firmness.

After the massive and commercial product from 2012 starring Jeremy Renner and directed by Tony Gilroy; Matt Damon reprises safely the role that gave him big recognition at the beginning of the century, he comes back with his favorite director Paul Greengrass, who after nine years does not neglect the soul of the franchise and however, delivers action sequences to rise to George Miller or Sam Mendes.

Bourne is born from shadows with a past as turbid as latent; he has sunk his experience in street fights and loneliness that accompanies him makes the passing the days like years, so to recover his memory entirely, he will be confronted face to face with CIA and will discover the vague past that overwhelms him.

Paul Greengrass has initiated a reciprocity with Damon, in fact, the actor demanded to Greengrass to get his participation in the film. The director already has experience in action movies ( he has directed "The Bourne Supremacy" and "The Bourne Ultimatum", respectively), therefore, he firmly demonstrates his radical progress in each frame. Damon and Paul are a mechanical clock, a machine warily synchronized, which allows a consistent and palpitating progress; besides, it is the first time that Damon is producer and Greengrass is screenwriter with Christopher Rouse, resulting in a script aggressively complex (even indecipherable), with fast-paced and sumptuous action scenes.

The incorporation of new characters is not superfluous nor unnecessary, in fact, the arrival of the new Oscar winner is sublime, Alicia Vikander plays Heather Lee, a young analyst with a double role- playing game within the agency that comes together the audience almost immediately, this is a role that Vikander needed to do, which is like a breath of fresh air to her dramatic and award- winning career. Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel and Julia Stiles are part of the fatal attraction around the plot and with no doubt whatsoever, these three characters molded the bulky action sequences around the film; it is important to emphasize in the conclusive decision of the director about exterminate some of his famous actors, undeniably, there will be drama.

"Jason Bourne" initiates in a diffuse context, the film begins to setch around to a stifling political environment, amount of unknowable terms and values for the audience; digital privacy, financial crisis and social disorders synthesize the issues of the atmosphere in which begins the exhilarating plot, nevertheless, it is not problem since after the first fifteen minutes, Greengrass commences to clarify his objectives accompanied by the opening of his specialty, the full of adrenaline and impressive action scenes.

I am aware I have employed "action scenes" repeatedly, precisely because is what leaving "Bourne" engraving after leaving the movie theater. Nowdays, see a sequence that shake with such exquisiteness , it is almost unprecedented, however, the choreographies and practices of the movie dazzles security. The adventure goes from Athens to Las Vegas, jumping from here to there while retaining the originality and intrigue. The night chases full of perspectives and explosions are acclaimed, nevertheless, the movie has conceived one epic sequence, the colossal knock down of automobiles in Las Vegas, I loved it and will stay engraved in the memory of the audience, perennially.

Universal takes maximum advantage of the fifth installment of one of its franchises more long-lived; "Jason Bourne", occasionally, reminds us to franchises such as "Mission: Impossible" or "James Bond" and gradually it gives us one breathe from the frantic passing of story. This film returns strident, with far-fetched action scenes but with narrative fatigues evidenced in the few alternatives that having the protagonist, with respect to delve into his past; undoubtedly, franchise continues, nevertheless, it must consider a different approach to clear argumentative exhaustion.