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When a couple of American young adults fly to Israel to visit the city of Jerusalem, a biblical nightmare falls upon the city

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JeruZalem movie full length review - A lot better than most reviews give it credit for.

Just finished watching this movie and I honestly can't understand some of the scathing user reviews. So this is to encourage anyone who may be inclined to avoid this movie to give it a go.

I don't consider this to really contain spoilers, but ticked the box just in case - don't want to be blacklisted.

The plot and stuff has been discussed at length already, so what I can add is an alternative view of the common criticisms leveled by other users.

Slow start and no character development: I was engaged with the movie throughout, including the beginning and got a pretty good sense of the characters' personalities. Omar was the standout character for me, oozing charm and personality without coming across as creepy or annoying. He was given the funniest lines.

Bad acting by lead: I thought her performance was quite good. She is definitely hysterical by the end of the movie, but it wasn't overkill for me, just someone having your everyday I'm-in-the- middle-of-the-apocalypse panic attack. If anything the weakest actor was the guy who played Kevin. I'm guessing he was trying to do 'subdued', but it just came across as shallow and a bit lifeless. Probably my only real criticism.

Less than believable plot points: without introducing spoilers, I can say there wasn't anything particularly unbelievable about the characters' actions if you took their personalities in good faith. The main character's sense of loyalty was consistent throughout, which explained her actions fairly well.

Bad ending: I can usually pick most endings, but didn't do so with this one. I wouldn't call it a twist, but was certainly fitting. At 1hr 30odd it was a timely ending as well, no dragging on.

The glasses/POV technique: The glasses weren't just a gimmick. In fact they were cleverly weaved into the plot right to the very last scene. I didn't find the info that came on the screen distracting; I thought it was pretty restrained actually. That said, I reckon the movie could have been better if it didn't use the POV technique. But it certainly wasn't ruined by it. People complained about the cracked glasses at the end, but I could imagine those same people would stress out if the glasses went through the movie unscathed and how unrealistic that was.

No doubt the movie could have been better, but it was still worth the watch and I look forward to seeing what the Paz brothers do next.