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Once a Los Angeles homicide detective, Police Chief Jesse Stone now presides over the quiet, seaside village of Paradise, Massachusetts. When the facts don't add up in a brutal Boston-area murder case, Jesse opens an investigation filled with surprises, unlikely suspects and grave danger. Though it's widely believed the murder was committed by an incarcerated serial killer, Jesse suspects another killer is at large and is hell-bent on bringing him to justice.

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Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise movie full length review - grows on you

I suppose that's a ridiculous thing to say after what, 9 or 10 films, but you see one Jesse Stone movie, and you want to see others.

I'm a Tom Selleck fan, but as I've written in other reviews, I don't feel this is quite the role for him. He's too one-note. But I do think Selleck, as the main force behind this series, does a wonderful job. Everything is top drawer - the cast, the commitment, the writing, the photography.

And Jesse is an interesting guy, if depressed. The beginning of this particular film was very touching.

This was an excellent episode, maybe the best, as Jesse takes a consultant job in Boston and investigates some serial killings. They have the killer in custody, but he will only admit guilt to the first three, not the fourth. The fourth is identical to the others, and there were details not released to the press.

Jesse also takes on the cause of a young girl in Paradise whose mother is an alcoholic.

Jesse's loneliness, as always, is palpable, as he re-approaches Thelma (Gloria Reuben), only to find she's seeing someone.

Where Selleck gains some traction with this role is with whatever humor there is - there we see a flash of the charm that made him a star. He's always likable, and you're always on his side. Those are two of his gifts - while I think there's more to this character than he can bring, he makes it work for the audience.

Terrific episode.