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Once a Los Angeles homicide detective, Police Chief Jesse Stone now presides over the quiet, seaside village of Paradise, Massachusetts. When the facts don't add up in a brutal Boston-area murder case, Jesse opens an investigation filled with surprises, unlikely suspects and grave danger. Though it's widely believed the murder was committed by an incarcerated serial killer, Jesse suspects another killer is at large and is hell-bent on bringing him to justice.

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Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise movie full length review - A complex character that's easy to read

It's a good show with complex characters that are easy to read. Their reasons aren't clear, their progress lacking, the emotions constrained and retarded.

People move on from divorce, death, loss of children, and bad things that happen to them. We want them to. We need them to. If they don't they just become boring and tiresome. Jesse needs to move on from his wife, get over himself, find a love interest that inspires him and allow him to stop feeling so sorry for himself all the time. He needs a good laugh, a smile, something that makes you want to share his life with him instead of yell at the screen, "get over it and move on!"

The production value is great. Too much emphasis on dogs. Too many lines repeated over and over. It's a 165 page script with 135 pages of dialog without the repetition. If he focused on Jesse Stone he could easily do two of these a year and have all the life he wanted instead of commuting to NY from LA. In fact, he could shoot them in British Columbia instead of Nova Scotia. I enjoy a good mystery, and at least these hold suspense throughout and don't give away who the bad guy is until the last 10 minutes. All in all, this series needs focus and directed attention and it could be one of the better, if not the best show on TV.