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On 26 October 1997, Australian National University student Anu Singh killed her boyfriend, Joe Cinque, by lacing his coffee with Rohypnol and injecting him with heroin at a dinner party where some of the guests had heard about the plan to murder Cinque. Despite this, none of them warned him.

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Joe Cinque's Consolation movie full length review - A star is born! Maggie Naouri is amazing. Very unsettling and provocative movie

For some reason my first review written several weeks ago has not been published. Take 2 (And every writer knows to back up their work. Um...

) See this movie, as it is a very interesting tale of dysfunction, illness and responsibility. It is moody and unsettling as all good art should be. Provocative and challenging on a visceral level, 'Joe Cinque's Consolation' (not my favourite movie title this year), is based on Helen Garner's non fiction treatment of a murder trial. The movie is in many ways a prequel to the source material, but nevertheless is a fascinating exploration of a human descent into madness and murder. Make no mistake, Maggie Naouri is a star! With small screen credits behind her, this film heralds the arrival of a bona fide star. Even whilst her character is plotting and carrying out a diabolical sequence of events, the actress imbues her with such intensity and vulnerability that the viewer remains fixated on the narrative and although can't condone her actions; can understand them; such is the skill and depth of the performance. Not easy viewing but a movie to chat about long after the credits roll.