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A story based on the life of a struggling Long Island single mom who became one of the country's most successful entrepreneurs.

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Joy movie full length review - Casual, easy, inspiring

You never mix family and business. Relations by blood or marriage can and usually do influence the business, causing the inevitable argues.

Unclear decision-making involving all family members, multi-generational dynamics and approach all must stay in the family, can do more harm than good. Although this is the most common and the oldest business, it is the most challenging. This notion doesn't stop Joy Mangano to be a successful corporation owner.

Joy Mangano is an Italian descended, seventeen years old entrepreneurial girl. After her parents divorced, she takes care of the family: grandmother, mother, father, ex-husband and a daughter. Stuck in a dead-end job she struggles with everyday life. Bills and family members make her miserable. One day, while cleaning the floor she cuts her hand with a broken glass. This mishap pushes her to creativity. She invents the Miracle Mop and starts her own business. Despite her family pulls the rug out from under her feet, and the fight for her patent with manufacturer she manages to become a multimillionaire.

David O.Russell's film neither is a Fighter, nor it is an American Hustler. It is more precise to say that Joy is an upshot of both of them. It has a dramatic illustration of a family, but it is dimmed with calm, inspiring perspective. This Italian ? American family drama more resembles the soap operas than profoundly dysfunctional and pathological.

Joy embodies the American dream that results from the resourcefulness but adds to the subject feminine resilience. She carries the story and the family. This girl is a mother, a daughter, and ex-wife. Handles all the responsibilities in the house, she rules this kingdom with polite and kind manner. Joy has a solution to any problem and makes everybody feel welcome. Her positive spirit is her strength and enables her to reach the goal. Despite this kind eye, Joy is a fighter for her future. This woman has a nose for opportunity and unhesitatingly places a foot in the door. The small circle of business making and malpractice of manufacturer learns her to be tough and fight for her products. Takes from the channel supervisor what he owns her. Never is she arrogant or unjust.

Jennifer Laurence builds a compelling character that combines all the roles women play. She shifts from one to another effortless. Joy life may be seen as another Cinderella story, but there is one aspect the film is worth attention. So far it is hard to look in cinema for the woman in the business role that isn't stone cold bitch or too eager and pushy with her career or personal life, paying costs in motherhood (Devil's Wears Prada). Joy had lost youth, she had to uphold her dream, and became someone else than she imagined. She isn't anger or has a damaged ego, neither she does manage the family and business like a man. She doesn't have to pretend to be a boss (The working girl). She never has to relay on her sexuality (Disclousure). Joy lay her advantage on matriarch structure and innovation. Forgiving and understanding is a weapon of hers. Joy is a woman that unnoticed makes a career with all the woman support and wisdom. Titled joy and optimism combined with a proactive and creativity makes a new aesthetic value. This aspect seems to be unnoticed. But makes the story inspiring and uplifting. Recommend to watch this movie with an emphasis on Joy's background and portrait can be fulfilling. And is own feature that makes the story worth a time. Other aspects of the film look aright, what makes Joy only a casual movie. David O Russell, have an interest the director is the human effort and the struggle between a group of people. He brings to the picture the best of his dramatic skills and puts them in contemporary, casual context but is it doesn't make the spark. He runs the directional smoothly from frame to frame. Vivid dialogues and the personalities catch an eye. Robert De Niro has its funny moments. Especially when he balances on toxic and loving speeches. Isabella Rossellini, Bradley Cooper, is okey, but this is it. Cinematography nicely colors the movie, but adds nothing sufficient to the story.

Overall Joy isn't as enjoyable as Fighter and Silver lining Playbook the film is casual and easy to watch. You don't get any epiphany or tight entertainment, you won't be overwhelmed with drama and acting. This movie is recommended to all the viewers, who likes casual cinema.