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Paul Thomas Anderson joined his close friend and collaborator Jonny Greenwood on a trip to Rajasthan in northwest India, where they were hosted by the Maharaja of Jodhpur, and he brought his camera with him. Their destination was the 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort, where Greenwood was recording an album with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur and an amazing group of musicians.

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Junun movie full length review - Great music, not what I expected from a doc

This bit of trivia explains a lot about Junun: "Much of Paul Thomas Anderson's filming equipment was caught up in customs at the airport, and he was forced to use the small camcorder in his bag and his producer's drone for filming all of his shots."

This documentary is extremely minimal in it's narrative. You are mostly immersed in the music-making process and do not get much back story on how these particular artists came together. The music, however, is truly exceptional. The way the songs build and each musician plays their part is often mesmerizing.

Bottom line: definitely worth watching, though I wish the real cameras had made it through customs.