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Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.

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Jurassic World movie full length review - Movie Review of Jurassic World

**Contains Spoilers Continuing the saga started in 1993, a once trial theme park, Jurassic Park, was never allowed to be opened to the public? until now.

This new adaptation of the theme park, Jurassic World, shows the old park, renovated, if it was open to the public today. The introduction of new technologies and advances in genetic technology allows them to engineer a stronger, smarter, and more intimidating dinosaur, Indominus Rex. This new species of dinosaur becomes a strong threat to all of the tourists and other dinosaurs and leads to overall chaos when it escapes its large cage. Overall, the storyline is well told and provides a good follow up to the original Jurassic Park movies. While most of the characters are believable, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), is a little overdramatic in her role. However, Owen (Chris Pratt), demonstrated impeccable acting skills as he is faced with dangerous situations throughout the movie. The returning scientist from the original Jurassic Park movies, Henry Wu (BD Wong) provides a great connection to the past series. I also like how the new park developer, Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), is fulfilling the previous creator, John Hammond's last wishes for a park.

Some of the main characters change throughout the movie. Claire changes throughout the film as in the beginning she was self-absorbed, but through her experience and ordeal, she becomes less uptight and a more compassionate person. Another character who develops throughout the movie is Claire's nephew, Zach (Nick Robinson), who changes from being self-centered to caring and protecting his younger brother. The main conflict begins when the new dinosaur Indominus Rex escapes her cage. With this threat, the previous company, InGen, takes control over the park in order to utilize other dinosaurs such as velociraptors to destroy the Indominus Rex. The movie ends in an epic battle to try and eliminate the Indominus Rex. The storyline is well written and enjoyable to watch. The interactions between all of the characters is effective and keeps the storyline believable and understandable. The characters acting abilities are highlighted throughout the movie as they have to run, fight and hide from dinosaurs who are added in by special effects later on in the film making process. The actors' abilities to produce emotions making it feel like the dinosaurs were actually chasing after them is great. Aside from a few overdramatic scenes by Claire, the acting is really believable. Location for this movie is an island with a jungle and theme park setting. The location is very interesting, connecting back to the old Jurassic Park movies as it shows the original visitor's center during the movie as being deserted and abandoned. The theme park also is interesting as it looks like any other park one would normally go to with rides, restaurants, and gift shops all pertaining to the overall dinosaur theme. The only thing that would have been an added bonus would be getting to see more of the souvenirs and places in the theme park. I thought the costumes were appropriate for most of the characters. I like how one of the control room operators had an original "vintage" Jurassic Park t-shirt. I feel that Claire's outfit is inappropriate for the movie because it does not match the setting well. It makes sense that she is not wearing safari clothes, but her outfit could have been better if it was a different color other than white. Some famous actors in this film include Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The computer graphics for the movie are incredible and realistic. The music featured in the movie provides good background and increases the intensity of the film. The camera angles provide some scary scenes, especially when seeing only the large teeth and large eyes of the dinosaurs. The composition of the film is well laid out. The lighting is good except the scenes which are done at night are dark and difficult to see. Altogether the movie is interesting, exciting and thrilling. The only suggestions I would have is some less over dramatic scenes from Claire, and better lighting for the scenes filmed at night. I would recommend this movie for families, and people who enjoy adventure and thriller movies. I would definitely watch this movie again and I am excited to be able to purchase it on DVD.