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In a small town where people talk to themselves we meet Jim. Sixteen, mediocre looking and frankly quite boring. Things change dramatically when Dean moves in next door.

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Just Jim movie full length review - Loser tale in a black comedy based in Wales

This is the directorial debut for Craig Roberts who also wrote this and starred in it ? which is never a good idea.

He takes the character he has played before in the likes of ? the admittedly very good ? 'Submarine' and plays him, again only in Wales. There are liberal scattering of clichés throughout and the only reason this is in Wales? It was co funded by The Welsh Film Board.

The plot is Roberts plays Jim whose best mate has stopped talking to him and his dog goes missing and then Emile Hirsch moves in next door and is ultra cool. Despite this Hirsch actually has time for him until strange things start happening and then Jim gets to grow a pair.

Now to call this slow is putting it mildly, it wears its quirky heart shakily on its loner sleeve from the start but the script is just so uninspiring and there are some massive plot holes too. I found this to be as funny as a phone directory and equally unedifying. Never write direct and star in your own vanity project. I admire Hirsch for making such films he did the same in 'Prince Avalanche' which is actually better than this. There is clearly a market for these types of films and there are some good parts to it but rating it as 'ok' is still being generous. If in doubt go for a rental ? preferably getting some one else to pay for it ? that way the disappointment smarts less.