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When a professional matchmaker’s own marriage loses its spark, she seeks to recharge the relationship by asking her husband out on a blind date. As Mother’s Day approaches and their romance starts to rekindle, she wonders if her career-driven husband will finally learn to put his family’s needs before his job.

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Just the Way You Are movie full length review - Expensive dates=happy marriage.

This started off quite promisingly. Cameron Bure is always pretty reliable, and Ty Olssen was a good fit as her overly involved in work husband.

Some good conflict was set up with the Dad missing their 15th wedding anniversary and forgetting his sensitive daughters audition for the school play. This guy had some major grovelling to do. Seriously. Didn't happen. All was forgiven after a couple of very expensive and elaborate dates. That was the movie: sum and summary. A potential problem was averted when the Dad, once again, showed his selfishness and lack of consideration when he agreed to move pack up his family and move from Seattle to New Orleans without even telling the much put upon Candace. Nope. He just called his bosses bluff and he ended up managing the project from Seattle. Problem smoothed over with a spa day for wifey and a wedding vow renewal.