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Robin is sent by Batman to work with the Teen Titans after his volatile behavior botches up a Justice League mission. The Titans must then step up to face Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world.

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie full length review - One of the worst portrayals of Wonder Woman

I think this is probably one of the worst portrayals of Wonder Woman, both in terms of characterization and showcasing of powers.

1) In terms of portrayal:

There was a scene that made me hope for a great portrayal because we can see her and Clark in their civilian disguise just after seeing a movie. Diana makes a short review saying how she was enjoying the movie BUT disliked the fact that the female character always end up being saved by the male. I was like, okay, this is nice! But, later on in the animated movie, after a short WW vs Superman (I will detail this later on in my review of her display of powers), Wonder Woman is released from her possession by Superman who used the lasso on her. She falls to her knees and Superman goes to her and takes her in her arms and she says: - "Just like in the movies." ==> I thought this was a huge let down from the previous scene I mentioned in which she was obviously not enjoying that and I think that in terms of representation it is also bad. One step forward, two steps back.

2) In terms of powers:

*Wonder Woman vs Cheetah: Superman fights against Lex Luthor with amped up armor that makes him a good match for him, but still gets to be shown ending the fight quite in a magnificent way, with a showcase of might and power. Batman is shown fighting against Solomon Grundy, a guy that has been shown to be a pain in the *ss for Superman, but here, he doesn't bring much trouble for Batman who easily outwits him and gets him to be K.O'd by running towards a sort of eletric plant. But with WW vs Cheetah, it's entirely a different story. Remember, WW was shown in JL WAR to be powerful enough to go toe to toe against Darkseid, she was able to punch him into the air and through a whole building. But here, she is having a hard time fighting against Cheetah, it feels like she's not allowed to be shown defeating her enemy the same way her male co-leaguers were shown to be. She was finally able to defeat her by lassoing her feet and throwing her onto the rooftop of a car.

So we've got Superman and Batman fighting against foes who are either their physical match or a lot stronger and they do just perfectly fine, being allowed to have a great display of strength and more. But WW is fighting a foe who is physically weaker than she is and she is not even allowed to be shown victorious the way her teammates are. Nice right?

Now, let's go on, Weather Wizard is possessed by one of Trigon's demons. Superman goes to confront him, but W.Wizard has got a hell lot stronger and is able to punch Superman through a building and makes him bleed. Wonder Woman realizes that Weather Wizard must have been amped up by magic and flies straight to him but is no match so she is quickly gotten rid of by him who blast her onto Cyborg and they both fall to the ground...While Superman has already recovered and flies back to face the possessed Weather Wizard. Another Weak showing for Wonder Woman.

*Wonder Woman vs Superman:

Let's move on, remember, I mentioned a WW vs Superman fight? Well, it happens that she, along with Cyborg, Flash and Batman got possessed by Trigon's demons. Batman injected himself with a serum that made him ill so the demon left his body (because demons can only inhabit bodies that are in good conditions). Cyborg is freed by Blue Beetle so it left only Flash, Supes and WW.

Supes is freed from possession after being stabbed with a Kryptonite knife then he goes to confront the possessed Flash by breaking his leg. Finally he faces Wonder Woman.

You would think that it is gonna be a hell of a fight right?

Because, remember, Weather Wizard, who doesn't have super strength, was able to make Supes bleed and punch him through a building like a fly when possessed. Well, here, the WW vs Supes is a total letdown. Even when possessed, WW is no match for Superman, Weather Wizard is shown doing a lot more damage on him than the possessed Wonder Woman. No shock wave, no sign of struggle from Supes. WW barely makes him move and Supes outwits her by stealing her lasso and using it against her to free her after which she says the infamous line: - Just like in the movies (the girl is saved by the boy).

You know, after seeing how WW was so well received in BVS, I would have thought they would change the way she is represented, I thought they would showcase her powers in a better way along with her characterization, but it was a huge disappointment. One step forward, two steps back.