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After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, Salah's world is plunged into darkness. Forced into running the family kebab shop alone, Salah struggles to manage the increasingly rowdy night life and when a fight with an angry customer goes fatally wrong, he finds himself with a dead body on his hands. With no faith in the authorities Salah disposes of the body in the one place he knows best… the kebabs.

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K - Shop movie full length review - Brilliantly executed British feature with social relevance

This film was a lot smarter than you would think. Not a typical slasher film at all. It carries important messages about drinking culture, moral depravity, and human nature.

For a low budget feature, the special effects and make up were incredibly realistic. Very impressive. The mood is very gritty and it feels like it takes you to a dark intoxicated psychotic underworld, which remains with you even after watching the film. The casting is superb and the talent is great. In particular, the lead role is fantastically played - you wouldn't think he was such a newcomer. I would love to see the director and main actor work together again