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2014 marked the 40th Anniversary of KANSAS! The classic lineup reunited, for the first time in more than 30 years, to relive the incredible, untold story of one of the most successful American rock bands. The Feature film includes in-depth interviews with all 6 original members along with Brian May (Queen), David Wild (Rolling Stone), Garth Brooks, and many more! Here how "Dust in the Wind" was just a passing comment away from never being recorded and how "free beer" changed their lives forever!

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Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere movie full length review - Very Enjoyable, wish there was more

I came in as a big Kansas fan, like many watching this film I imagine did. But there was a lot to like if you are a classic rock or Progressive rock music fan in general.

And there's a good chance one would like the film even if they didn't know anything of Kansas going in. The editing and pacing is very good for the casual viewer, and the twists and turns and since of beating the odds and rising from obscurity to the main stage is a story that is easy to like for just about anyone. The band members come off as very humble which is a nice refreshing change compared to many bands. The doc ends at the moment the band reaches their pinnacle,(not the song:) so there is no info on the bands decline and it's nasty effects which is mostly nice to avoid seeing. It's a very satisfying documentary.

As a Kansas I was a bit surprised that the documentary didn't cover Monolith or Audio Visions albums since the original 6 were still together for those two, and both albums were solid, if not legendary. I wish there was more talk about some of the deeper tracks on the albums, which many Kansas fans like but know very little of their origins. Also I would have loved to hear more on how all the members got together. I know it wasn't as quick of a process as they made it out to be. But I really liked the documentary being focused on their unlikely rise to fame, in contrast to telling the usual band story of disagreeing, changing, breaking up, changing members, getting back together, etc.(Not that Kansas didn't go through all of that stuff) It seemed the thing was edited with a determined focus on fitting a 2 hour TV window.(which it did) I wish there was a longer edit too.