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Rajan Zachariah is a Circle Inspector of Police and he is working in the Palakkad District. He is going to a village situated in the Kerala-Karnataka border to investigate a murder case that is very important to him.

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Kasaba movie full length review - a cop story with the same ingredients of 25 years back..

Kasaba is an investigation thriller. yet that part is missing from the movie.The movie follows the path stricken by Ranji Panicker and Mammootty's yesteryear police movies.

In the process the character crosses the limits and puns and innuendos galore.The movie does not have a solid story.does not have suspense either.Villain is average and supporting cast also so- so.Mammootty's part provides life for the movie.Bgm was good and an average song. Fights are cliché one It will entertain the fans.. mammootty is a police officer. Son of his superior officer along with his fiancé is getting killed in a border town. police investigation was lagging. so mammootty's character sought a transfer to the police station and the investigation begins, rest of the story is all about how he tackle illegal activities in his jurisdiction and show offs..