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Katti Batti is a modern day romance that traces young architect Madhav’s love for the free-spirited Payal. They make for a perfect couple until a sudden turn of events creates an unanswered distance between them.

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katti batti movie full length review - They keep on serving the same stuff again and again and again as we allow them to do so making a big fool of ourselves.

Before the release, it was being speculated by many that probably Kangna Ranaut will rescue the film with her 'bindaas character' continuing from where she left in QUEEN or TANU WEDS MANU series.

But personally I was quite firm on the conclusion that its rarely an actor that can save a badly conceived film not supported by any fine writing and direction. As a matter of fact, we recently saw the same happening with Kangnaonly in her poorly made projects such as REVOLVER RANI and the ill fated I LOVE NY. Yet many were still having a lot of faith on the actress that unfortunately gets completely shattered into pieces with her latest KATTI BATTI.

Directed by Nikhil Advani, who delivered another lousy film HERO just last Friday (entirely depending upon the visible support coming from its producer Salman Khan), KATTI BATTI is nothing but another of those FILLER PRODUCTS made by the big production houses as per their commitment to serve the multiplexes on a regular basis. KATTI BATTI begins on a decent note (with the Kissiyan song shot/edited well), but then suddenly shifts on to such an awful gear accompanied by a mediocre soundtrack that literally makes you ask that does Kangna really considers herself a great actress with a newly found exceptional understanding of cinema? And did Nikhil Advani actually directed KAL HO NA HO or D-DAY himself or it was Karan Johar and some other creative mind behind those much better attempts?

Moreover the film also makes you strongly question many of these lesser talented new age 'star-sons-daughters-nephews and nieces' that, do they realise that whatever they have achieved till date is all because of their gifted 'surnames' and not related to any of their inherited talents? Plus have they ever thought that in what number we have much more talented people struggling their ways towards a single chance that simply gets taken away by a 'now available star-son', who certainly has a more saleable market due to his family linkage, eventually spreading a much stronger feeling of discrimination, stress and bitterness among them all.

However leaving the thought here for their individual introspection standing in front of the mirror, I would specifically like to address Kangna Ranaut, who tried hard to stop the release of I LOVE NY a few weeks back as it was a 'stuck movie' lying in cans since 2012. And if the 'National award winner' actress sincerely considered KATTI BATTI a much better film than I LOVE NY, then it certainly puts a big question mark on whatever film-writing courses she had supposedly done in the recent years. Because I LOVE NY at least had some kind of novelty in its basic theme that couldn't be executed well by its director-duo.

In short, revolving around the same old theme of a terminally ill person sacrificing the love for all (as earlier seen in the director's KAL HO NA HO), here we have Imran Khaneffortlessly sleep walking in the entire film along with Kangna, who also turns out to be quite 'unimpressive' even in her 'bold scenes and dialogues' proving a known fact that it's the combination of a talented WRITER & DIRECTOR that makes the much appreciated reputation of an ACTOR but not the other way round.

In the end, I would simply like to add that these big production houses keep serving us with the same content again and again and again, because we actually let them do so making no protests of any kind whatsoever as a paying viewer. So till we decide to show some concerning guts, this arrogant act of making such repetitive and ridiculous movies would continue as always without any major hindrance.

Oh!, just forgot to mention AAMIR KHAN, the perfectionist uncle of KATTI BATTI's leading actor, who probably had helped in the film's editing too as per an 'unconfirmed' news.

Who says AAMIR KHAN is not a great actor? In fact if a person can cry watching KATTI BATTI saying it really moved him a lot ...... then he surely is the greatest actor on the whole planet to say the least!