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The Prismatic World Tour Live is a sensory explosion of eye-popping theatrics, daring acrobatics and of course, all the hits. This concert film is a visually stunning production that captures Katy’s fun-loving personality and artistic vision. Spanning the entire length of the arena floor, the innovative Prismatic Tour stage allows Katy to share intimate moments with her fans in a unique shared connection with the music. Directed for the stage in seven thematic acts, this unmissable spectacle features hit after hit after hit, and The Prismatic World Tour Live truly captures the excitement, color and energy of the live Katy Perry extravaganza.

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Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour movie full length review - Amazing!

I gotta say that so far in my life, "The Prismatic World Tour" is the best concert I have ever attended to. So I was excited for the movie to relive the amazing experience this tour was to me.

And I wasn't disappointed at all! "The Prismatic World Tour" is a tour filled with amazigness, colors, great songs, and overall the amazing production that Katy has on this tour is present on this "movie". The way the concert is edited feels like you're actually there, and you can see how down to earth Katy is while you're singing along during the 2 hours. It's the full concert, with hits from her previous albums like "California Gurls", "I Kissed a Girl", "Teenage Dream" among others, and almost all her newest album Prism is played on the concert, from smash hits like "Roar", "Dark Horse" and other great songs from her album like "This Moment" or "Walking on Air". Overall, I really liked this movie, you'll definitely love it if you're a Katycat or if you're looking for a great concert. You'll have fun. I hope it gets released soon on DVD or Blu-Ray!