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A portrait of Keith Richards that takes us on a journey to discover the genesis of his sound as a songwriter, guitarist and performer.

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Keith Richards: Under the Influence movie full length review - Entertaining But Way Too Short

Keith Richards: Under the Influence (2015)

*** (out of 4)

This Netflix documentary has Keith Richards talking about a variety of subjects while touring with The Rolling Stones on their 2015 tour as well as preparing his solo album Crosseyed Heart.

If you're a fan of Richards or the Stones then you're obviously going to want to check this film out as there's some great interview footage as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from the recent tour. The biggest flaw with this film is that it's rather uneven and I'd argue that 83 minutes isn't nearly enough time to fully get into the mind of Richards. Part of the film is a promo piece for the new album as Richards talks about what made him get back into the studio with a solo album and he also talks about his influences on the album. Whenever the new album isn't being discussed we get the legends talking about his influences, other rebels of rock music, country music, the blues and what it was like being chewed out by Chuck Berry.

Again, this is a good and entertaining film but at the same time you can't help but think there's so much more to know about Richards and there's just not enough time here to capture everything. Still, it was great fun getting to see him in the studio recording the new tracks and there's no question that he always manages to have something interesting to say.