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An erotic love triangle revolving around a writer adrift in the icy slopes of Kashmir where he discovers a woman with a strange, silent past.

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Khamoshiyan: Silences Have Secrets movie full length review - breath of fresh air from regular Bollywood.

After seeing almost all Korean, French, Swedish, Hollywood thrillers, I cannot expect good n original thrillers from bollywood. But one can vouch for the bhatts for excellent songs n music.

I went just for the songs and was pleasantly surprised. The movie kept me on my edge especially in the first half and it was not bad considering the budget n all new comers. The two male lead acted very well. Especially fazal's facial expressions were intense. Better than regular Bollywood, where the producer or actors son just tries to show dancing skills. I mean are they actors or dancers. Better than 90% of Bollywood crap where even if the role or scene or character doesn't demand muscles, our male leads r in 6 packs. Just because the movies budget is low n the producers n actors cannot create buzz by marketing doesn't mean the movie is bad. Hats off to the bhatts for delivering excellent music n songs as always. N again hats off coz the bhatts has given chance to so many new comers. People who likes thrillers should check out memories of murder, the yellow sea, confession of murder, secret in their eyes, SLEEP TIGHT (it cannot get any sicker than this movie, don't worry it doesn't contain gore or sex), killers (2014), headhunters, preservation, the guest, enemy, a most wanted man, dream home, a perfect getaway, the pact, 13 sins, maniac, wither, closed circuit, clean skin, blue ruin, merantau warrior, the raid:redemption, district b13, district b13 -ultimatum, trance, pioneer, rampage 1 and 2, last but not least Henry portrait of a serial killer for sheer true psycho acting.