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On the afternoon of August 3, 2013, 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was abducted after finishing cheerleading practice in a San Diego suburb. When the bodies of her mother and brother were found in the burned home of family friend James DiMaggio later that day, an AMBER Alert was issued, and a frantic multi-state manhunt for Hannah began. For a week she was kept prisoner by the increasingly unstable DiMaggio as they made their way across the state. One week later, the two were found in Idaho and DiMaggio was killed in a shootout with FBI agents, leaving Hannah as the sole survivor. As the dust settled, questions began to emerge about the nature of the relationship between Hannah and her kidnapper...and what really happened?

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Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story movie full length review - ****

This biography tells the true story of a man taking advantage of his best friend separating from his family, and when the former loses his job, he literally goes berserk and kills the friend's wife and young son and goes off with the daughter as his hostage.

He thinks he can start life anew with the girl but his haunting past of his father's threats and subsequent suicide, leads police to realize that the guy is definitely suicide prone.

The film is also excellent because it tells of the media frenzy after the kidnapping is thwarted and the killer himself is killed.

The media will do anything to sustain a story, even going so far that something was going on between the two. This causes the young lady to tell what happened on television to put the vicious gossip to rest.

Fine acting by all concerned in this tragic tale.