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Comedy about a woman suffering from low self esteem who gets breast enhancement surgery, unaware that her surgeon worships H.P. Lovecraft's elder gods, and the surgery is part of a diabolical plot to rule the world.

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Killer Rack movie full length review - Funny, Comedy at its peak, hysterical

A brilliant comedy movie. Hysterically funny, and well worth watching. I was not sold on the movie, the trailers looked trash, the story seemed beyond redemption, the movie seemed doomed to failure, hyped to disappoint. I was wrong.

This movie is an original comedy classic which is going to have a cult following in no time. If you have not seen this movie, there is something wrong with you. I loved everything in the movie.

Learning that something that looked so natural was CGI and finding out that the others were not CGI but controlled by puppeteers, and I'm sure you'll have a problem working out which is which, and in all honesty, you have to go and give this movie a try. Relax, let yourself go and lose yourself in some comedy gold right out of Buffalo, NY.