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A miniseries chronicling the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Killing Jesus movie full length review - Is Bill O'Reilly really a practicing Catholic?

It is difficult to believe that Bill O'Reilly is still a practicing Catholic after watching this movie! So many errors and omissions!

I was initially excited to watch this movie together with my young son during the start of Holy Week but what a disappointment. We turned It off shortly after seeing Jesus depicted as man that was unaware of His Own Divinity. In the movie John the Baptist convinced Jesus to go on a mission that He had no prior knowledge of! That is not what the church teaches or believes. Seriously, does Bill really feel that Mary, Joseph, and even Jesus Himself did not know that Jesus is; The Divine Son of God sent to redeem the world? Wow, I am a sinner and in no position to judge anyone but this movie does not depict Jesus accurately at all! Looks like Bill's desire to please all and not offend anyone in order to expand his audience base and gain morep revenue have become more important than Jesus to him. I bet Bill has;"The Folks" embroidered on his wallet? Maybe that is what he means when he says repeatedly that he is looking out for "The Folks"? He is not looking out for Catholics and other Christians by attempting to cast Jesus in an unfavorable light. I have been to confession this month in preparation for Holy Week. I suggest that Bill get to confession real soon, perhaps at a different parish than the one that he has been attending regularly. Perhaps Bill should consider attending future services at a parish that believes Jesus is truly God, a member of The Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! For all you Catholic haters out there, please do not lump all Catholics in with Bill. He does not speak for most Catholics. After watching this movie many that I know are in shock, total disbelief with Bill's inaccurate depiction of Jesus in this film. Don't act like B.O. and assume or make false statements about our Church or our beliefs without having all the facts. O'Reilly professes to be a devote Catholic but this movie brings that into question. In spite of many human failings and attacks from the devil throughout the centuries, our church has survived. Most Christian denominations can trace their own beginnings back to the Catholic Church. the devil is the master of "divide and conquer tactics", don't focus on attacking the different denominations, instead we should focus on our common core beliefs. We are all part of The Body of Christ.

Bill If you happen to read this please do the right thing and correct the record!