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While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend, Dusty blacks-out. When he comes to, his boyfriend has been murdered and he's the prime suspect.

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Kiss Me, Kill Me movie full length review - Convoluted but great fun

I don't rehash plots in reviews: you can easily find it by either reading other reviews of the summation at the top of the page. Let's just get to the film itself.

The main character is a bit of a mess, but part of that may be because it's difficult to assess exactly how much time has transpired in this film. At some points it feels like it takes place over just a few days, while in others a few weeks. If the former, it makes this seem more like a Hitchcock film, where everyone, from the jilted ex (or is he?) to the baby-desperate lawyer (or is she?) to the hypno-therapist (or is he?) is trying to set this guy up. Think "North by Northwest", done on a smaller, more indie budget. No wonder he's such a basket case by the end, thoroughly convinced that he has indeed murdered... well, someone.

But here's the thing: after a while, you just don't care ? and not for the reason you might think. You don't care because you're just having such a grand time trying to keep up with all the plot twists and turns. Maybe the jilted ex did it ? whoops, no, because now he's dead. The guy who shot the TV producer? Well, now he's dead too ? and we're only two thirds of the way through. The central character is hauled in for questioning on numerous occasions and finally leaves one session thoroughly disgusted... only to have the camera cut to the lawyer's sudden, enigmatic smile. Then there's the therapist, with an unstated agenda of his own, the drug-dealing best friend who looks like another possibility, and finally the tag team lesbians who manage to muddy the waters even more. So many people to keep track of!

But it's great fun: very well written (Actually North by Northwest written by Feydeau). and, for the most part, well acted and directed. The camera work was not the best, moving into the trite on too many occasions, and the eternally young, WeHo nature of the cast was a tad too relentless (My personal favourite laugh line came when the jilted ex hooks up with the therapist ? yes, it's the kind of film where everyone is getting it on with almost everyone else ? and dismisses him by saying he should look for someone "your own age"... which may have been about 25.

Still, see it. It's totally mindless fun.