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Documentary that goes behind the stats to reveal the story of Kobe Bryant's basketball career, exploring the mentorships, allies and rivalries that have helped shape his stellar 18-year tenure in the NBA, and offering access to his daily experiences, his lifelong inspirations and the battle with his greatest personal challenge yet

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Kobe Bryant's Muse movie full length review - A different perspective

As a documentary filmmaker I must say that this is a very well made film. From a filmmaker view the film did a great job at providing a clear storyline.

I really enjoyed going from present to past, interlocking the injury recovery of Bryant and his life. The black and white color choice was a great one for the present part of the film. I hadn't really been a fan of Kobe Bryant because he was so good that he just came across as a very cocky individual. After watching this film and learning of all that he was going through in his career and personal life I can now say that I am a fan of Kobe as a person. I felt that he did a very good choice on being honest in his thoughts. I do feel that the sexual assault part of his life was danced around and those that don't know of that will be a little confused when that part of the film is discussed during the year of 2003. For him being as honest as he was with everything else, I do feel that there would have been a stronger impact on the film if he hadn't danced around that part, but had attacked it straight on as he did with everything else. This left me inspired to be a better person and to understand why the Kobe Bryant I have seen play basketball always was so cocky. A must watch.