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'Kruel' - is a horror/thriller feature length movie about a psychotic killer who masquerades as an ice cream man in order to get closer to the objects of his affection.

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Kruel movie full length review - Made for TV Horror.

I usually pass on 'made for TV' horror, when they actually inform you that it's made for TV horror. The acting, the dialogue - oh my, that dialogue. If you've ever seen television films, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

'Kruel' is awful in every aspect. I believe this is the lead actresses debut film, so she has room to improve... I tried keeping a straight face there, but she's one step below terrible. As bad as she is, the mother takes the prize for worst actor/actress in the film, but the competition is rough. The dialogue is by far some of the worst you'll get in 2015 - if you don't break out laughing at least five times during this disaster, you probably lost your sense of humor due to watching too many terrible horror films - understandable. I got the impression that instead of saying 'CUT!' the director just winged it, and hoped for the best. If you can make it through the 'my baby is gone' scene, kudos to you, you've just witnessed the second worst scene in the film. What's the worst scene in the film, you ask? You have several choices - any scene with Dakota Morrissiey - YOU get to decide! Oh, and who edited this piece of crap? The guy should be fired and banned from doing anything that doesn't involve the phrase - 'Your order, Sir.'

Random Ramblings of a Madman: I hope every actor in 'Kruel' reads this, because I want you all to know - If I ever see your names associated with any film in the near or distant future, it will be blacklisted by this viewer. I honestly shouldn't even click the 'send' button on this review, because it gives you more recognition than you deserve. 'Kruel' is one of the worst films I've seen in the last 10 years, and a perfect example of why IMDb should give us the option of scoring a film 0.