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Jane is a beautiful but troubled American girl backpacking through Japan, when her raw street fighting skills draw the attention of Oshima, Japanese karate champion, who recruits and trains her to fight in the vicious, all-female, underground martial arts tournament known as "The Kumite". After months of rigorous preparation, Jane is ready to face off against the deadliest female fighters in the world, including Ling, the Chinese apprentice of Oshima's nemesis. But other nefarious forces lie in the shadows, and Jane and Ling will have to unite on a journey that will take them from the gritty underworld of Hong Kong to the glitz of Macao, before deciding who really is the best female fighter on the planet.

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Lady Bloodfight movie full length review - Girls blood-sport type film with nice story

This was a very good film with girls fighting girls for once not boys i loved the story it was kind of like a female blood-sport for me and although Amy Johnston isn't the wor

ld best actress she's decent and beautiful to boot, good film i will be looking out for more from her I was expecting a rubbish movie here but really enjoyed this one it was not over the top at all, We really need more films like this and not crap like the kick boxer reboot ( what was the point of that movie it was awful and there doing another!! do yourself a favour watch this instead , it has a far better story with better actors cant wait to see more from Amy Johnston really, Although it doesn't have a massive budget it doesn't look cheap at all not by a long shot and the fight scenes are more old school but i like that overall this film was right up my street 10/10