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Two foreign exchange high-school students are kidnapped during their quest to get laid on their last night in America.

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Laid in America movie full length review - Awesome if you know the main actors!!!

Laid in America does have quite some charm especially for die hard KSI and Caspar Lee fans. Some scenes require a bit of experience regarding both channels, but other than that, the movie is hilariously funny.

If you know who both JJ and Caspar are in real life, you'll like this movie! Caspar and KSI actually have a lot of further acting potential. KSI is seen with his usual weird, crude and sometimes pervasive humor, which makes scenes in this movie seem like a collection of video snippets created by his YouTube channel (based on one topic). Caspar supplies all of his scenes with his mostly shy, innocent and overall funny South African personality. The movie may seem "insiderish" for inexperienced KSI and Caspar viewers, but other than that, enjoy!