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Four friends hike into the Pinewood forest to find evidence of the Chupacabra, a creature believed to be responsible for the disappearance of a group of experienced hikers a year earlier.

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Lair Of The Beast movie full length review - Not Asylum bad, but bad.

So, without going in with any kind of expectations, I pressed Play at this Chupacabra Territory, as I found it. The movie started out nicely, I actually enjoyed it and time only brought more interesting things to the act.

And for around 60% of the movie, I can say I was surprised and satisfied. It seemed like a cute little indie project, good dialogue, nice characters and an alright build up. But then it hit that mark I was telling you about and it pretty much all went down the drain. So much plot nicely developed for an ending that seriously was so weak and annoying.

Characters become dumb, logic makes a run for, camera is as shaky as possible and the ending seems to take too long. When it does finally terminate, it does so without any kind of style. I can honestly say, this one is a pass. Not recommended, nothing to see here. Sorry to say so.