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Four friends hike into the Pinewood forest to find evidence of the Chupacabra, a creature believed to be responsible for the disappearance of a group of experienced hikers a year earlier.

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Lair Of The Beast movie full length review - was a decent way to waste some time

Found footage movie about folks looking for a chupacabra. They head up into the wilderness while filming their adventures. I liked the movie just fine.

The focus switched between several different groups' cameras, so that was entertaining. There was some blood and gore, of course, some sexual content, as expected when sexually active groups go off into the wilderness while bringing along alcohol. What really got my goat was the explicit sex scene for the last twenty minutes of the movie. As we're seeing one of our protagonists running for his life, etc, building up some fear and suspense, we're forced to flip back to a sex scene between the leading lady and her love interest. Back to a fellow running for his life and the chupacabra chasing him. Back to a sex scene, revealing a new position. Back to running for one's life. Back to grunting and groaning sex. I don't mind a sex scene, but it was grating to switch between the two. Here their buddy is running for his life, yelling for help, etc, and these two are humping like rabbits in every position they could think of. It killed the flow of the movie for me. Other than that, the movie was a decent way to kill an hour and a half. Acting was decent for a b-movie. The effects were more along the lines of lots of darkness and things going bump or growl in the night.