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When an Ethiopian boy moves in with distant relatives he takes his pet sheep with him but the upcoming holidays spell danger for his beloved friend.

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Lamb movie full length review - Film that could not have been made by a Westerner

Boy tries to earn enough money to rejoin his father who left him in the countryside with relatives while trying to find work in Addis Ababa.

The lessons learned, futility in having the money to take a sick child to a doctor, interference, relentless poverty (the older people remark that they ate better growing up than their grandchildren do) that only worsens.

This film could not have been made by a Westerner. Audience sat stunned at the end. Where is the turnaround, happy ending, even the girl getting together with the boy or her hero? She does everything possible to meet her hero but audience knows what will go wrong with her plan. By the end we have been shown why there are no other possibilities.

A boy wants to save his pet sheep but in this place of limited resources everyone, even the sheep, has a plan and a need for what a sheep can bring into their lives, be it a nutritious meal, a party,companionship, bus fare to an easier place or enough money to take a child to a doctor.