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In this crazy, chaotic gospel of chance, aspiring filmmakers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert set out to search for a subject for their underground movie, leading them to discover, mentor, and manage the iconic band known as The Who and create rock 'n' roll history.

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Lambert & Stamp movie full length review - This is one documentary you don't want to miss out on.

We've seen our number of music documentaries over the years. We've even seen quite a big number of music documentaries concerning the iconic band 'The Who'.

Showcasing their music, films, and bandmates, I thought there was nothing left to tell about 'The Who', but I was wrong. This documentary by James D. Cooper and expertly edited by Christopher Tellefsen, tells a story from a different point of view on 'The Who', specifically from Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, hence the title 'Lambert & Stamp'. It's an excellent and intriguing story of two men from very different backgrounds who were responsible for 'The Who'.

Flush with tons of amazing archival footage of the band, the concerts, the behind the scenes, and new interviews with the remaining members of the band and close cohorts and family, 'Lambert & Stamp' is a fun and informative two hours. Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp were so involved and influential to the success of 'The Who', they are considered by Daltrey and Townshend as the "5th and 6th" members of the band. The one unfortunate thing about this documentary is that a few people have died, who were no here to give their side of the story. Most importantly, Kit Lambert, who died back in 1981 was not on hand to talk about the rise of 'The Who'. Neither was John Entwistle or Keith Moon, who have been dead for a number of years now. And even though Chris Stamp died only a couple of years ago, this documentary was shot before his death, thus we receive his very powerful and energetic account of memories and stories throughout the entire film.

From time to time, Townshend and Daltrey discuss what they went through during the early years. But the story of 'The Who' is a unique one, because nobody wanted or even thought this band would be as big and influential as it was today. In fact, we find out that Kit Lambert (a posh and very wealthy son of a classical composer in high society) and Chris Stamp (a son of a tug boat captain who was known for fighting around town) met each other while working on a studio lot for film. Lambert and Stamp's passion were both in filmmaking and thought that if they could find a band, they could make a documentary about them, which would be their stepping stone to making bigger feature movies.

They found a group of guys who thought playing music was fun, but not a long term thing. So from being called the 'High Numbers' to 'The Who', things definitely changed, as the young British kids took to the different style of music 'The Who' was creating like a duck to water. It even gave Lambert and Stamp to talk about live on television the changing times in a political and social setting, all the while promoting 'The Who'. We also find out that Lambert and Stamp pretty much operated on no money up until 'Tommy' was released, and it's great to hear the band members discuss what was like during this time. Of course there were some dark times too, which led to some professional breakups and even drug related deaths.

But it's with the recent interviews with Chris Stamp that keeps things jovial and full of life, as he discusses intimate and fun adventures throughout his young life, running this band. They even talk about how they signed Jimi Hendrix to a record label when in fact they had no record label. It was all quite funny. Cooper and Tellefsen have conjured up and fast paced and fun-as-hell documentary about one of the best bands to ever play a live show anywhere. This is one documentary you don't want to miss out on.