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The story follows the love story of two volcanoes, Uku and Lele. It features a song, "Lava", which is written by Murphy and performed by Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig, who voice the two volcanoes.

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Lava movie full length review - Film amazing. Character names horrible.

This was an amazing short. This is one of those Pixar's done it again shorts for me, where you paid to see the movie and you're happy leaving after just watching the short because nothing could possibly be better than that.

It's a beautiful animated ukulele love song. Him + her = the island of "Aloha" (love). I cried. I definitely cried. I will remember this short forever. <3 My criticism is strictly due to looking this up on IMDb. In the actual short they don't use the names of the volcanoes but looking at the IMDb I see they have names "uku" and "lele". I had to research to see what the words meant because I just love symbolism and I was disappointed by this because in Hawaiian "uku" means "flea" or "head lice", "lele" means "a fly" or "to fly", and "uku lele" means "flea" (head lice that fly, right?). I get what they were going for with the musical instrument but I just wish they would have researched the meanings better because even a quick Google search tells me this was a bad idea.

It would have been nicer if her name was "Pele". (Pele: Pronounced "peh-leh." Meaning 'lava.' Pele is the name of the Volcano Goddess).

His name could have been something like "Oha" (welcome, love, greet, fondness, affection), "Oli" (a chant), or even better yet "Mele" (to produce harmonious sounds with one's voice; to sing).

I like the idea of bringing new Hawaiian vocabulary to people as well.

Mele & Pele. It writes itself.